Los Banos Adult Education

Welcome to Los Banos Adult Education.  Adult Education is a public education program for all adults, provided at no cost to the student. We offer flexible morning and evening classes for the working adult. In addition to the diploma program, we offer a Spanish GED preparation course. Adults must be 18 years of age and older to enroll.

Our mission is to provide a path for adult students to complete their high school diploma or pass the GED requirements. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

For more information, please call 826-3801, ext. 7006.


High School Subjects 1.2910 Non fee-based, at no cost to the public

The Los Banos Adult Ed Diploma program is a semester based diploma program. The program offers web-based and small group instruction. Students may already have credits through work experience, military service, remedial college courses, or completion of secondary education classes in the U.S. or in a foreign country. All Adult School students who earn a high school diploma have the opportunity to participate in a traditional graduation.

Social studies, science, math and elective courses can be taken for first-time credit, or remediation of failed classes. Students must complete a full semester of course work with a passing grade to receive 5 credits. There is no partial credit given for a partially completed course.

Students may earn elective credits for Certificates of Completion. Students must submit the Certificate to the District Office with course curriculum and/or description and, when possible, hours of completion.


Los Banos Adult Education

Diploma Requirements: Total Credits Needed: 180

English - 40 credits

Math - 20 Credits  

Electives - 60 Credits

Science - 20 Credits

Social Studies - 10 Credits

U.S. History - 10 Credits

U.S. Gov./ Economics - 10 Credits

Art/ Foreign Language - 10 Credits